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Follow the day’s political developments as they happen, including the foreign secretary’s ‘road to Brexit’ speech at 11am

Johnson has suggested most people in the UK have very little understanding of what the EU does – and how.

We now have arrangements of such complexity and obscurity that I ask even my most diehard of remainer friends if they can explain their Spitzenkandidaten process – which has genuinely delighted the MEPs as much as it has mystified the UK; or the exact relationship between the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, justiciable in Luxembourg, and the European Convention on Human Rights whose court sits in Strasbourg.

How many in this room knows the answer to those questions, let alone the name of their Euro-MP?

If we wanted to find the person responsible for drafting the next phase of EU integration … we wouldn’t know where to find them, let alone how to remove them from office.

That is why people voted Leave – not because they were hostile to European culture and civilisation, but because they wanted to take back control.

Addressing the second concern, Johnson insists the UK will not become insular as a result of the Brexit vote.

We will still fall in love with people in other countries, he says, Britons will still retire to Spain. But will it be as easy? It’s pretty distressing and difficult at the moment if your spouse is non-EU at the moment…

Boris takes the opportunity to mention his bridge again – need more links across the Channel than a single railway line, he says

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