Carillion is no one-off scandal. Neoliberalism will bring many more | Owen Jones

‘Recklessness, hubris and greed’ describes the entire system of delivering public services through profit-driven companies

Carillion is no isolated failure, no fluke, no aberration. It is another symptom of a decaying social order that is anti-democratic, inefficient and places profit ahead of people’s needs, aspirations and even lives. That social order is neoliberalism, a term which I accept is probably not bandied around your local pub, and is invariably met with “hur hur” sniggers of performative ignorance among the commentariat. Being deprived of a term to describe how our society is structured and run is convenient for our masters. It stops us joining the dots, of understanding that Carillion is just one manifestation of a failing system: one which rolls back the public sphere everywhere in favour of the private sector, which slashes taxes on big corporations and wealthy people, and one which obsessively deregulates.

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