Corbyn finds the formula to fire up the Maybot. Just ask after Brexit | John Crace

The Labour leader has a cunning plan for PMQs – keep it simple, inquire about Brexit, cue groans of despair from the Tories

Jeremy Corbyn has a stubborn streak. Critics might call him a slow learner. But even he can recognise when he’s on to a winning streak. After months – years – of rambling on about something sent in by Susan of Solihull that goes on for so long no one can remember quite what his original point was, the Labour leader has twigged that prime minister’s questions isn’t really that complicated. Especially when you’re up against someone as hopeless as Theresa May.

Last week, Corbyn broke with the habit of a lifetime by asking six short questions about Brexit and had the best PMQs of his time as leader. So quite understandably, he opted for doing the same thing this week. With precisely the same result. At this rate Wednesdays could become a cushy number for the Labour leader. Why bother to spend hours mugging up on the NHS or Windrush, when all you need to do is casually inquire how the prime minister thinks Brexit is coming along and then sit back and wait for everyone to start sniggering.

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