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Anthony Barnett (Letters, 15 May) claims as a lesson from 1968 that “any politics of the left worth having must embrace a spirit of radicalism and connectedness, to breathe life into politics and free it from establishment routines”. I would point to the counter-lesson of 1945 – how to use “establishment routines” (formed in 1939-45 wartime) to transform society from a tired capitalism into a “mixed economy” with state and market working together. Which “politics of the left” is more worth having?
Alan Bailey

• I’ve lived in a retirement apartment for 15-plus years, but the manager has now banned “onesies” from being worn in the garden or communal areas. I remember Winston Churchill wearing his siren suits during the war – an early manifestation of the onesie. What clothes would Guardian readers think unsuitable for the over-80s?
Brenda Banks
Teignmouth, Devon

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