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Former MP Dick Leonard says the PLP should be given the opportunity to accept or reject the shadow cabinet’s recommendation on how to vote on the EEA amendment, Giselle Green says all MPs should have the courage to vote for what they believe is in their constituents’ best interests, Ann Link says more nuanced viewpoints should be given their due, and Jinty Nelson says citizenship should be taught in schools

Jonathan Freedland asks why Labour will not back membership of the European Economic Area (EEA), even though this would give it “a chance to inflict defeat on an ailing, failing government” (Opinion, 7 June). The answer should be clear to anyone who has carefully followed the statements made by Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell ever since the referendum, in which both gave lukewarm support to remain. They are not necessarily now committed to Brexit, but they are determined that, if it is prevented, or obstructed in any way, Labour should not get the blame.

This is why they are so adamantly against having a further referendum, even though a large majority of Labour voters, and probably also of Labour MPs, would support it.

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