Nigel Farage: ‘I’d rather have a party of eccentrics than bland, ghastly people’

The leader of Ukip explains why he thanks God for David Cameron, and why his once-bonkers party will change the face of British politics

Five years ago, anyone interested in political predictions would probably not have consulted Nigel Farage. Even five months ago he would have been a long way down most people’s lists of plausible Cassandras. But if you want to know what our political future might look like, Ukip’s party leader is becoming harder to ignore.

“Five years from now, Ukip will have changed the face of British politics,” Farage says. It might become “a huge political party” – or it might merge with another – “a realignment in British politics, a sort of SDP moment on the centre right”. Alternatively, a new Tory leader might have ousted David Cameron and embraced Ukip’s agenda. “I’ve no idea which of those three scenarios will play out,” he admits cheerfully, nor does he have a favourite. “I don’t care. What I care about is that we achieve our goals.”

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