Trump and May have one thing in common: they are incapable of reason | Polly Toynbee

This week’s migrant visa revelations have made me seriously doubt the logical powers of our prime minister

At first sight, Theresa May and Donald Trump could hardly differ more in aspect, behaviour, demeanour and dignity. But what they share is an almost total lack of reasoning power and an ability to hold on to multiple contradictions by the sheer act of will.

The daily Brexit impasse of impossibilities has been May’s hallmark, but this week’s revelation on migrant visas reminds us of the full florid extent of her unreasoning. Over 6,000 highly skilled people from outside the EU were turned away between December 2017 and March this year, all highly qualified people urgently needed to fill waiting jobs: their prospective employers in the NHS, universities and industry are distraught. The Campaign for Science and Engineering has uncovered figures for those refused visas, using freedom of information requests: easy to see why the government stopped publishing figures last December.

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